Orphans of the World Reaching out to help all the world's lost or forgotten children.

January 15, 2014

The Unofficial Mission Statement

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We believe that all the world’s children, Orphans of any age really, deserve to get a good night’s sleep, eat healthy meals and have shoes on their feet to carry them through life. We work to make these things happen because not to would be more than we could bear. We believe that each and every one of us is our brother’s keeper. We will take up watch and look out for one another just like we would want someone to look out for us. All in the name of human connection.

Meet Angelica

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Orphans of the World is bringing a young woman to Texas who was badly burned as a child. We will have plastic surgeons work on her face, hands, and arm. We want her to be as beautiful to the rest of the world as she is to us. I am pleased to introduce you to Angelica.




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Hello, my name is Nickole. I am a student at Dallas’ El Centro Community College. I am creating and running the Orphans of the World, Inc. website on behalf of Orphans of the World creator, Cameron Gray,  who knows me well and trust me to operate this site. I believe in its mission and have seen firsthand what ‘good’ can be brought about by a simple pair of shoes. More to come and I will document it all for you here. Any opinions (and there will be a lot of them) are my own.  Thank you for sharing your time with me and I hope I deliver something worthwhile.

The beginning at the and.

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The last trip to Guatemala of 2013 was a success. It was my first trip, but the last one of the year for Orphans of the world. Many children got the shoes they needed and an unexpected gift, toys for Christmas. It was a real joy to see them and be a part of their lives for even these brief moments. toys2

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